Fenland Community Church


A church for everyone including people with Learning disabilities.

All humans are unique and loved by God, and that is fundamental to what we do. 

We aim to provide a fun and accepting environment for everyone, especially people with a learning disability, to discover that they are unique, special and loved by Jesus, and can chose to respond to Him at their own level.

In the past terms such as "Mental Handicapped" or "Mental retardation" have been used.  These terms are now rare, and the term "People with a Learning disability" (or "..learning difficulty") is used.   

Where and when do we meet?


So what does Fenland Community Church do?


Community Help and Resources in March

helpinghandsIf you are looking for help in the community, and have no idea where to start, please see this page.


Other churches in March

We are just one of a number of Christian churches in March.  A list is here.



"I think your church sounds like the kind of church Jesus would have gone to ... you won't find a church closer to God's heart than yours" - 6th Form Student at Hill's Road, Cambridge. (2010)